Identity Protection

Sharelock ends identity attacks through real-time anomaly detection for autonomous behavioral analysis protections.

Sharelock’s defense

Identity-based attacks are on the rise and today’s organizations must detect when attackers exploit, misuse, or steal enterprise identities. Organizations’ reliance on their identity infrastructure to enable collaboration, remote work, and customer access to services has transformed identity systems into prime targets for threat actors, with credential misuse being the most popular path to security breaches.

Sharelock is the only solution that provides you full visibility into user activity across the integrated application landscape. Our industry-leading anomaly detection system based on behavior analytics baselines the normal behavior of users to detect, prioritize, and respond to anomalies based on risk. Sharelock detects and remediates hidden security gaps such as lateral movement, privilege escalation, credential swapping, and much more leveraging the power of a full-AI behavioral analysis.

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Sharelock, Shortly

Autonomous Identity Protection

Sharelock helps organizations find known, unknown, and hidden threats using multi-dimensional behavior baselines, dynamic peer group analysis, and unsupervised machine learning to detect compromised or misused accounts leading to data exfiltration or IP theft.  

Sharelock uses the power of machine learning and AI to baseline behavioral patterns and uncover identity threats with no false positives.

Advanced Anomaly Detection

Detect unknown threats and anomalous behavior of your company workforce. Gain more contextual and behavioral information for threat hunting, investigation, and response using behavioral analytics.

Sharelock self-learning AI understands your organization's version of normal is the key to detecting everything that's not. It distinguishes between malicious and benign behavior, identifying attacks that typically go unnoticed.

Investigate Threats in Seconds

Sharelock baselines normal activity for all users and entities, correlates anomalies, sorting all notable events visually and chronologically within an automated timeline. The timeline conveys the complete pattern of life of users and shows the history of an incident, saving an analyst from writing hundreds of queries.

Sharelock accelerates response, continuously conducting investigations behind the scenes and operating at a speed and scale beyond human capabilities.

Contain and Respond Autonomously

Sharelock automates the manual, time-consuming steps of performing detection, triage, and investigation while guiding the analyst through response. Users' activities are investigated and analyzed against the entire digital enterprise for better context and situational awareness. Outcomes feedback into the system autonomously to instantly determine the appropriate response to threats.

Actions and response playbooks are integrated with leading security and IT products to help customers accelerate their automation journey.