Cristian Lucci

I was born in 1982 and despite being discouraged, I grew up and saw that it was good and right. I discovered I was a risk-taker when I started to challenge my wife. Innovator, entrepreneur and CEO for hobbies, I decided to found a start-up because I wanted to change the world. At least mine.

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Father, husband, dreamer, developer, entrepreneur. I love to experiment and innovate because technology has to be the passion and desire to overcome personal limitations. I am currently busy in what I do every day: trying to conquer the world.

Andrea Tomassi

Full-stack Drinker and enthusiastic Beer Expert. I've been repeatedly surprised when programming in the worst bars in Caracas. After yet another refusal to the offer to receive production prizes in fresh beer, I founded a start-up whose potential is second only to its alcohol content. Sober.

Chief Technical Officer & Co-Founder

I’ve always been enthusiast of technologies and attracted by innovation. I am currently involved with real-time event processing, distributed streaming platforms, graph databases and machine learning algorithms.

Giuseppe Martinelli

A former recruit to the role of Supreme Chancellor, Giuseppe Martinelli, under the leadership of the evil Lord Darth Lucci, and now head of the IT Department in the Death Star project, can be considered the greatest database expert in the Galactic Empire. Chief Galactic Empire Data Scientist.

Chief Data Officer & Co-Founder

Deep admirer and connoisseur of data. The whole experience gained in my career has taken me from the knowledge of business processes to their implementation in structured data. The deconstruction of these complex data is my current challenge.

Gianluca Valentini

Gianluca Valentini complex mathematician and convinced Zemanian, as a result of his victories at the Italian card games briscola and tresette in the town bar he won an annual supply of Fernet liqueur and the title of Chief Architect. A qualification of which he has yet to understand the meaning.

Chief Architect & Co-Founder

I am currently involved in designing Java-based client/server solutions for the analysis, processing and enhancement of large amounts of data.