Case Study

A leading global Fintech

“We live and breathe user behavioural insights. We have seen plenty of cybersecurity vendors talking endlessly about Machine Learning, but none of them could fit our dynamic environment and our operating requirements. When we tested Sharelock, we finally saw the simplicity we were looking for and a clean and understandable approach to Identity-centric Security Behavioural Analytics”.

October 5, 2021


Customer Profile

The client is a leading global Fintech player, leading in credit and business information solutions. Operating on four continents (Europe, America, Africa and Asia), they employ over 7,000 people worldwide, spread out over 30countries.

The challenge

With its ultra-dynamic environment, resulting from the combination of several acquisitions and a project-oriented organization, traditional rule-based security platforms could not address the increased requirements for InsiderThreat Prevention in such a widespread, work-from-home oriented company.


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