Case Study

Sharelock for Fabbri 1905

January 26, 2021


Customer Profile

FABBRI 1905 is one of the leading brands of the ItalianFood Industry. With its iconic Amarena syrup, the clienthas been in the market for over 100 years. Whether it’sgelato, cocktails, pastries, Fabbri operates globallyand powers many food products worldwide.

The Challenge

The 2020 remote-work tidal wave turned digital securityinto a stringent priority for Fabbri. Along with the need toalign its organization model to this unprecedentedsituation, the client realized that improving the overallsecurity posture was vital, putting extra focus on theirability to prevent Insider Threats and Fraud. In a ‘made inItaly’ food, ensuring recipes have not tampered with,digital security equals Safety and Product Quality. Fabbrialso wanted to refresh its ageing Log Collection platform,as it was a mere archive and could not provide any threatinsight.


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