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Sharelock for Sailpoint

Infuse Sharelock Behavioral Risk Insights into Sailpoint IdentityIQ, and enable Line of Business managers to be part of your extended security team, evaluating selected anomalous behaviors early on rather than late on. Inside the Sailpoint IdentityIQ UI they use every day.

October 30, 2021

The Challenge

How often do you hear such a ‘too late’ comment after a data breach, fraud or ransomware attack?
And you'll keep hearing it unless your start involving businesspeople and asking them to evaluate those very anomalous behaviours performed by their employees/contractors are either a business-justifiable exception or the early signal of a downstream security situation.

The solution at a glance

Sharelock detects anomalous user behaviors against the individual behavioral baselines, correlate such set of anomalies against its insider threat models, and then signals to Sailpoint IdentityIQ Security situations (e.g. suspected accountc ompromise, suspected data sabotage) and Recommendations for suggesting «keep/review/revoke» actions on specific applications.


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