About us

Sharelock is led by a team of serial cybersecurity entrepreneurs, with a proven track record of building innovative technology and scaling it globally.

Our Vision

Make AI-powered behavioral anomaly detection the new normal for cybersecurity

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Our Mission

At Sharelock, our mission is to revolutionize cybersecurity with advanced machine learning-driven detection solutions. We're dedicated to protecting identities and digital assets in real-time, safeguarding against threats like zero-day attacks and internal fraud. Our commitment lies in enhancing security and risk management through cutting-edge technology.


Meet our dedicated team: The brains behind Sharelock solution, working tirelessly to ensure your digital safety

Cristian Lucci
Andrea Tomassi
Giuseppe Martinelli
Gianluca Valentini
Chief Architect
Alberto Ocello
Product Manager
Daniele Industriale
Senior Software Engineer
Giulio Galvan
Senior Machine Learning Scientist
Riccardo Mariani
Machine Learning Scientist
Nicola Centenaro
Full-Stack Developer
Ros Palombino
UI / UX Designer

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