Identity Security Posture Management

Sharelock analyzes the identity attack surface to detect hidden IAM risks across all of your environments

Secure Your Identity Fabric End-to-End

Detect misconfigurations of IAM solutions by identifying stale accounts, ghost accounts, over-privileges, and privilege escalation paths to reduce the attack surface.

Detect and Mitigate Identity and Access Risks

Continuously monitor access privileges and usage changes across your cloud environment to identify and remediate stale accounts, over-privileges, and privilege escalation paths.

Automating Access Reviews and Compliance Controls

Reduce security exposure and accelerate audit preparations by streamlining and automating User Access Reviews (UAR) across your cloud environment.

Securing Your Cloud: A Comprehensive Approach to Identity and Access Management

Detect, Monitor, and Reduce Security Risks: Streamline your User Access Reviews, identify and remediate stale accounts, and minimize over-privileges to effectively reduce your cloud environment’s attack surface.

Discover How Sharelock Works

Enforce your identity infrastructure. Harden your attack surface.

Strengthen your digital identity systems to ensure secure access and control. Implement robust security measures to minimize vulnerabilities and fortify against cyber threats.

Cross-Platform Visibility

Gain unified, granular visibility across your environment and easy integration into your existing IAMOps and SecOps.


Detect misconfigurations of IAM solutions including IdP, SSO, PAM, and IGA.

Unified Visibility

Comprehensive, unified visibility across IaaS, SaaS and IAM.

Defend your infrastructure

Gain unrivaled visibility into how and where identities are being used to defend your infrastructure and support compliance.

Identities Monitored

Achieve Least Privilege by eliminating stale access, over-privileges, and privilege escalation paths.


Detect and remediate weak authentication controls and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) bypass.

Secure Privilege Baseline

Establish and maintain a secure privilege baseline by running risk-based user access reviews.

Reduce your attack surface

Continuously monitor identities, access privileges, assets, and activities across your identity fabric to immediately identify and respond to access drift, risks, and active threats.

Ensure Continuous Compliance

Streamline Identity-Centric Compliance for Effortless Audit Preparation and Enhanced Security Measures

AI-Based Context

Automate User Access Reviews with AI-based Context.

Improve Decision

Accelerate and improve decision making based on proprietary ML-generated recommendations.

Export Reports

Export reports to prove compliance and showcase savings.