Cloud Workload Protection

The First Behavioral Cloud Runtime Protection Platform. Full-AI protection to detect and prevent real-time threats at kernel-level for your clouds and containers

AI-driven runtime security

Our advanced AI detects a variety of anomalous and malicious activity, including cryptomining and ransomware. Monitor and protect your workloads however and wherever they run.

Behavioral Monitoring

By monitoring the behavior of systems and data, it is possible to identify and mitigate potential threats in real-time, and to ensure the ongoing security and integrity of the organization's cloud environments

Network and Logs Monitoring

Sharelock simplifies the process of protecting workloads from vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, malicious adversaries, by monitoring network traffic and audit logs. Our AI protects your apps, data and network.

Real-time Threat Detection and Mitigation

Protect your workloads from vulnerabilities, cryptomining, ransomware, and more, wherever they run. Ensure the security and integrity of your cloud environments with our AI-powered monitoring of systems, data, network traffic, and audit logs.

Containers and Kubernetes Security

Discover a range of powerful and unique characteristics designed to safeguard, optimize, and enhance your security experience.

Prevent, Detect, and Respond to Attacks

Runtime behavioral insights help you quickly prioritize and mitigate risk, detect and respond to threats, and scale cloud security.

Deep Visibility

Gain deep visibility into your cloud native environment with kernel level visibility using Enterprise Berkely Packet Filter (eBPF) technology.


Understand what your applications are doing and identify and mitigate potential threats in real-time.

Learn. Evolves. Adapts.

Sharelock detects the unpredictable, learns, evolves and adapts continuously.

Network Activity

See all network activity in and out of a particular pod, service, or application.


Investigate suspicious traffic over a given time to easily audit container network anomalous behavior and investigate security events.


Using our full-AI behavioral analysis, you can easily secure workloads and applications running in hybrid and public cloud environments.

Unusual access to resources, unusual patterns of traffic

Behavioral analysis can help to detect attack attempts and make them easier to contain.

Ensure Continuous Compliance

Streamline Identity-Centric Compliance for Effortless Audit Preparation and Enhanced Security Measures

Prioritized List

Generate a prioritized list of all of your riskiest findings to harden your defense against cloud attacks.

Gain Context

Gain context from runtime insights in real-time posture-drift detections.

Providing Visibility

Combine agentless with agent-based deployments to cover greater use cases, providing context and visibility into the who/where/what.