Detecting account compromise by password spraying

Sharelock ends identity attacks through real-time anomaly detection for autonomous behavioral analysis protections.

In November 2023, a threat actor exploited a non-production test tenant account within Microsoft’s infrastructure, gaining unauthorized access to a small number of corporate email accounts and exfiltrating emails and attached documents.

The Sharelock Identity Security Platform was able to detect this password spray attack due to its advanced behavioral analysis capabilities. It uses real-time machine learning algorithms to identify deviations from normal user behavior patterns and is configured to detect common attack techniques.Key detection mechanisms include identifying anomalous login patterns, correlating low-intensity anomalies across multiple accounts, and analyzing the context surrounding login attempts.

The benefits of using the Sharelock Identity Security Platform include early detection of identity attacks, adaptive defense against evolving attack patterns, and providing actionable insights for security teams to effectively prioritize and respond to threats.

By using Sharelock’s platform, organizations can efficiently detect and mitigate identity attacks, protecting their digital assets against evolving cyber threats.

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