Detecting Internal Data Exfiltration

Advanced behavioral analysis and real-time data classification to counter internal threats and maintain data security in today’s evolving threat landscape.

*** Corp, a key player in the finance industry, is faced with a serious threat as an employee with privileged access to sensitive data plans to leak confidential information. The employee’s plan to transfer crucial financial reports and customer records to a rival company poses a significant risk to *** Corp’s business and reputation.The employee uses their privileged access to initiate a covert operation to download confidential documents without setting off security alarms. This highlights the stealthy nature of internal data leaks and the need for advanced detection mechanisms.Sharelock Identity Security Platform uses a sophisticated behavioral analysis framework and real-time classification of unstructured data to detect and prevent such incidents. It leverages NeuroFlare™, a cutting-edge technology, to enable real-time classification of unstructured data, enhancing the sensitivity of Sharelock’s Indicators of Behavior (IoBs) to effectively detect anomalies.Thanks to Sharelock’s proactive approach, *** Corp successfully thwarts the data leak attempt, thereby protecting its financial data and market integrity. By using advanced behavioral analysis and real-time data classification, organizations can effectively counter internal threats and maintain data security in today’s evolving threat landscape.

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